Who we are2

Irmien Seymus was born and raised in Mol, a quite green commune in Belgium. There she started a family while she was still a teenager and struggled for a while with an early divorce and raising her children as single parent. To get out her indigence, she worked hard and while her children got more independent she dreamed of giving back to the world the support she had received for building up her own life.

Irmien understands the importance of a solid and affordable home for families who are facing challenging times. She is convinced that a good home is a fundamental need to build a stable and loving family life.

The last years Irmien watched out for possibilities, focused on personal development, took courses about financial independency and lastly she took advanced classes about property investing. She developed into a Professional International Property Investor wanting to provide social housing, HMO and sustainable solutions for living, building and energy-producing.

Irmien has found her passion in investments and now she’s already dreaming and planning for building ecological villages in a nearby future.